Activity Types

  • English stories.
    Every unit contains a simple animated story featuring our characters. The stories show the new language in real contexts and are also used to present the grammar item of each unit and practise the new words.

    Follow-on activities include gap fill activities and identifying grammatically correct sentences.

  • English songs.
    Songs are motivating and fun. They are also a very powerful learning method to help children remember the language they have learnt.

    There is at an easy-to-learn song in each unit, plus a karaoke version.

  • English Word games and word puzzles.
    New words are presented and then practised in fun word games. They learn to understand and say the words, then progress to recognising and forming the written words.

    Word games include matching, unjumbling words, memory games crosswords and activities to listen and click.

  • English worksheets.
    Each unit contains three worksheets: words, grammar and letters and sounds.