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EFL author of books to teach English to young children. Include Family and Friends, You and Me, Ricky the Robot . Also author of

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What is phonics and why will it help my child with English?

phonics lessons

by Naomi Simmons Visit Most modern English courses for children include phonics lessons.  This can be very confusing if you learned English a different way. In the past, most people learned their English letters by learning each letter’s name. These letter names are what you say when you say the alphabet, ABC etc. The …

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Should an English teacher be a native speaker?

by Naomi Simmons   The kids are finally at school and you have now met their teacher. The teacher seems nice, but does it matter if your child’s English teacher is a native speaker or not? A native speaker is anyone who uses English as their first language. Most people prefer their children to be …

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