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FLASHCARD GAMES: Older children – one on one

FLASHCARD GAMES: Older children – one on one
Flashcards are a great way to present and practise new words.
Picture flashcards are used for teaching and practising basic vocabulary through games and activities.
Here are a few games for you to try with your child.

Start with a flashcard pressed to your chest.
Give simple clues to the card until your child has got it right.
i.e. The banana card.
“You can eat it.”
“It is a fruit.”
“It is yellow.”

Mystery Box
Decorate a tub, shoebox or other small box. Use the question mark symbol.
Place one of the flashcards inside the box.
Give one hint at a time about which card is inside and have your child guess.
Make the hints easier or harder, depending on wether your child finds your questions too easy or too hard.
i.e. The ‘banana’ flashcard is in the box.
You can eat it. It is a fruit. It is yellow.

Start with a flashcard pressed to your chest.
Then quickly turn it around and show your child.
The child should be able to shout the answer by the third or fourth attempt.

True or false
Show a flashcard to your child.
Make some simple statements that are either true or false.
i.e. For the banana card.
“It is a ball.” or “It is a fruit.”
The child then says “No, it isn’t.” or “Yes it is.”

Lucky Dip
Place the flashcards into an bag.
Get your child to pull one out one at a time.
They must get the card correct before pulling out a second card.


You need two sets of flashcards.
Ask your child to find i.e. the ‘banana’ card.
Show your child to pick up one of the cards and say: “This is a banana.” Then get them to pick up the second banana card and say: “These are two bananas.”