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FLASHCARD GAMES: Young children – one to one

FLASHCARD GAMES: Young children – one to one
Flashcards are a great way to help young learners visualize new vocabulary. The flashcards can be used both in the classroom and at home to help children practice language. Try to make learning fun and engaging by playing games and doing different activities.

What’s Missing?
Place three cards face up in a row.
Ask your child to turn away from looking at the cards.
Turn over one card and ask your child to turn back.
Ask your child “Which one is missing?”
If they get it correct , reward them with a sticker, piece of fruit, sweet, kiss or other reward of your choosing.

The Swat it Game
Give your child a fly swatter, chopstick, spoon or something similar.
Lay out three cards.
Call out a card name.
If your child hits the correct card with the fly swatter, praise them, or give them a reward.
Slowly add to the number of cards laid out on the table.

Toss a Bean Bag
Lay out the cards face down up the floor.
Ask your child to throw the beanbag onto the cards.
Turn over the card and ask your child what it is.

True or False:
Make a line on the floor, designate one side “True” and the other side “False”.
Hold up a flashcard and say the word.
If the child thinks you have said the correct word they jump on the True side, if not they jump on the False side.
You can jump with them if you wish.

Reveal the word
Cover the flash card or word card with a piece of card and slowly reveal it.
Ask the child to guess which one it is.
Continue until they have guessed the correct word.

Lucky Dip
Place the flashcards into an bag.
Get your child to  pull one out one at a time.
They must get the card correct before pulling out a second card.