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Picture cards to learn English SPECIAL OFFER



We have had requests for playing cards to help children learn English. So we have decided to now have a complete set of cards and an ebook full of fun games available on our site.



Our card pack download contains over 200 playing cards, including both the pictures and words of all the language they learn on our online course. The cards help your child practise English words and sentences while they have fun.



Our downloadable ebook provides detailed instructions on games and activities to do with the playing cards. Enjoy Snap, Memory, Happy families and many more, including craft activities to make with the cards. Your child will learn and practise their English as they play – both words and full sentences! This is a really fun way to learn.


How to get them

Both the cards and the ebook are AVAILABLE FREE when you take out a 3 or 12 month membership.  Click here to join.


Or you can buy them from our shop at by clicking here.


I hope you enjoy the games as much as our kids do.


Best wishes,

Andrea Sanders

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