• I sent an e card but the recipient cannot view it.

    The recipient will need to have the latest version of Adobe’s Flash Plug-in installed in their computer to view the e-cards. The email notification sent with your card includes a link to download Abode Flash free. Or click here to download flash player now.
  • I sent an e card but the recipient cannot open the email link.

    If this happens, ask the recipient to copy and paste the whole link into their browser address bar. They should not add any spaces between the “http:” and the end of the address. Once the whole link has been added, click enter.
  • I sent an e card but the recipient did not receive it.

    Check that you typed their email address correctly. If it is correct, ask the recipient to check their ‘Spam’ folder to see if the email notification was sent there by mistake. It may also be that another person has accessed the recipient’s email and already viewed or deleted the email notification.
  • I sent an ecard to the wrong address - how do I cancel or re-send it?

    It is not possible to cancel an ecard once it has been sent. If you sent it to the wrong address, please resend it, using the correct address.
  • I received a non-delivery report.

    This means that the email address you entered is invalid. Please check that you entered the email address correctly, including any punctuation such as full stops, hyphens or underlines. You may need to check that the email address is up-to-date.
  • Can I or the recipient get a computer virus from the ecard?

    The ecards are not downloaded from the notification email. The link on the email takes them to a web page where the ecard is displayed so it is virtually impossible to get a virus from them.