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  • Is secure?

    Yes. All communication is through our secure servers.
  • What personal information do you keep?

    We keep the information you provided us when you became a member (name, address, email address, child’s name, password). This enables us to locate your account should you have problems logging in. It also enables us to reinstate your account when you renew your membership.
  • Do you hold my payment details?

    No. We do not hold your payment details. These are kept securely by Paypal or Moneybookers, depending on which you used to pay for your subscription.
  • Will you give my information to any third parties?

    We will not pass on your details to anyone without your consent.
  • Will you send emails to me?

    You will receive emails from us to communicate the status of your account. These concern payment, renewal and cancellation confirmations. We will also send you reminders about renewals. You may also receive emails from us to inform you of new services or enhancements to or to request your comments about the course.
  • Will my child ‘meet’ other people online?

    No. is simply an online course and is not a virtual world or social networking site. For this reason, you can be assured that your child will not come into contact with anyone while using the site.