• How do I subscribe?

    Click on Join Now from any page on the site. Then choose between one, three and twelve month’s of membership. Bear in mind that choosing twelve months gives a 55% discount. The prices quoted are in US dollars, Euros and UK pounds. This will be charged in your local currency by Paypal. Click on the time period you require, then enter the required details. You will then be transferred to Paypal for secure payment.
  • What happens after I subscribe?

    You will receive a notification from Paypal that the payment has been made. You will then receive an email from us to inform you that you now have access to the site and to remind you of your log in details.
  • How quickly can I access the course?

    Your account will be activated as soon as payment is received. You will not be able to log in to the course until you have received an email to tell you that your account is active. This will generally happen in minutes, but on some occasions can take up to five working days.
  • How do I check my subscription details?

    After logging in, go to My Account, then click on Subscriptions. Here you can see your subscription plan, payment dates, renewals and the option to cancel your membership.
  • What happens the first time I log in?

    So that we can welcome your child by name each time he or she uses the course, we ask for your child’s first name and age. Please use the name that they child uses at home, rather than the full name. These details can be changed at any time at My Account, accessed after logging in.