Worksheets and Certificates

  • How do we use the English worksheets?

    The end of each unit contains three printable worksheets for extra writing practice. One focuses on the words learned in the unit, second one on the unit’s grammar and the third practises the English alphabet, sounds and letters.
  • Does my child need to be able to form English letters? does not assume prior knowledge of English writing or letters. Every worksheet contains written examples of the words they need so that the children can copy them as carefully as they can.
    The English alphabet worksheet gives extra focussed practice in writing English letters and is particularly useful for children unfamiliar with the Roman alphabet.
  • What do I do with the English worksheets and certificates?

    Keeping or displaying their worksheets and certificates shows your pride in your child’s achievements. This will help to motivate them further. Certificates and worksheets can be displayed on a notice board or kept in a special folder.
  • Will my child receive a certificate for finishing the course?

    Yes. Every child who completes the course will receive a certificate. This is a big achievement and we suggest you display the certificate, show it to family and friends and offer ample congratulation.
Teach Kids English Worksheets and Song.