Blocked email

  • When I log in I get a message that my mail has been blocked.
    We have to block mail when the member’s email address appears to be invalid, incorrect or disabled. This is due to the increasing problem of unsolicited email (commonly known as ‘spam’).
  • What can I do about it?
      • If you have any Mail Controls or Spam Filters, check that the address is not on the blocked address list.
      • Please check that your filters are correct. It may be that the mail has been forwarded into the trash folder.
      • If you have an email forwarder in place check to see if the mail is being forwarded to another email address.
      • Messages are usually delivered within a few minutes. Very rarely, they are delayed while in transit. This is usually due to problems on the sender’s mail server, heavy Internet traffic, or routing problems. The message may just be delayed.
      • If you are still unable to receive mail, the best solution may be to use a different email address.
        Log in using your previous email address and password.
        Go to My Account. Click on the Login and Password links.
        You can reset your email address and password from there.