When I log in I get an error about cookies

  • What is a cookie?
    A cookie is a small item of data which a webserver sends to your computer. When you log on our server looks up your membership number on our database and sends you a cookie. That way our computer can detect that you have logged on. Without the cookie it would be almost impossible to differentiate between logged-on members and visitors to the site.This is true of any membership-based site, not just ours.
  • How do I enable cookies?
    Either your browser program has been set up to block cookies, or you have some third party privacy or security software which is blocking them. Examples of these include Zone Alarm, Norton Internet Security and various McAfee products for PC computers, and Net Blockade for Apple Macs.Check to see if your security or privacy software has cookie control features and make sure that cookies are enabled. If you check this option, make sure the privacy setting is Medium or lower.Make sure that cookies are enabled on your browser.