Navigating the Course

  • How can my child navigate the course?
    After logging in, your child is taken to the next lesson that he or she has not completed.To the left of the page, you will see a list of units. Units and lessons completed by your child are lit up.
  • Why can’t my child access all the lessons straight away?
    Your child progresses through the course in a carefully controlled sequence of lessons. As soon as you child completes a lesson, the next one lights up and becomes available.
  • Can my child re-do lessons?
    Yes. Repetition means extra practise, so encourage your child to repeat their favourite songs, stories or games. Also encourage them to repeat any lessons that caused difficulty. We suggest that you end each session by singing a song learned previously so that each session ends with music and fun.
  • How do we go back to previous lessons?
    Simply click on the corresponding unit number on the left of the page, and then click on the activity you wish to revisit.
    Note that activities not yet completed will not be lit up or accessible.
  • Can my child get extra gold stars by repeating a lesson?
    No. Your child is only given one gold star the first time he or she finishes a lesson no matter how many times the lesson is repeated.
  • How do we finish a session?
    Please click Log Out when you finish each session.